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It's been really exciting over the last few months to have emails and conversations with people interested in moving onto site and joining in with what we're trying to do at With.

It's even more exciting to be able to begin to formerly invite people to live on site. We realise this is no small commitment, but it's also no small job to discern and form that community.

This is an invite to anyone - age isn't the barrier here, instead what's important is a commitment to praying with and for young people. We imagine the community could be made of individuals, couples and families.

We're going to rigorous with this process in order to protect individuals interested, the community and the site as a whole.

But for now, we're just interested in finding out who's interested. We've prepared a whole load of information about what being part of the community will mean here

If you want to find out more, have a conversation, visit the site or let us know that you're up for joining in, drop us an email: [email protected].


Get updates and come along with us for the journey.


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