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We are a group of friends that got together and thought this was a good idea, now we need some more friends!

All Hallows, Ditchingham has been home to Christian community, service and prayer for over 150 years. Over the past couple of years the sister have came to a brave, generous decision to give the site away.

A group of youth workers got together and had an idea - to keep the site going, reimagining community, service and prayer among a new generation. And terrifyingly, we've been given it - a convent, complete with four houses and a huge chapel!

Here's the thing - we want you involved. We're not an existing charity or organisation, we're a group of mates with an idea. This isn't our baby, we want it to be shared by the wider youth work community, irrespective of denomination or background. Owned by no one, held by everyone.

So, we need your help. While we've been incredibly blessed to have been given the site, it needs a bit of love to get it up to scratch and to get us up and running.

We have vision for a brand new religious community whose life of prayer is focused on young people, and a spiritual retreat centre for young people and those who work with them.

But more than that, we're inviting you to get involved, right from the start.

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